Who We Are

Our attorneys and staff are your team. Together we have more than 100 years of experience in diverse legal areas in multiple states. While we practice in multiple jurisdictions, our main focus is the DMV.  However, we assist with immigration cases in all 50 States and the District of Columbia.

While we are located in Fort Washington, Maryland we are able to meet you in person, by phone, by Zoom or by other types of video conference.

Our attorneys include but are not limited to a retired federal Judge, a senior corporate executive, and former Justice Department Attorney.


Our Attorneys

Our Team

Charles E. Walton, Esq.
  • Attorney licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC
James K. Davis, Esq.
  • Attorney licensed in Maryland  and Washington, DC
Hon. Michael C. McGoings, Esq. (Ret.)
  • Attorney licensed in DC
Nathaniel Baccus, III Esq.
  • Attorney licensed in DC, VA,  & MA
  • Of Counsel
Mekebib T. Solomon, ESQ.
  • Attorney licensed in MO only
Lindsey J Parker, ESQ.
  • Attorney licensed in Maryland
Derrick H. Lindsey
  • Veteran Liaison and Personal & Bodily Injury Case Manager
Alexander Hempstead
  • Law Clerk
Miriam Hall
  • Administrator and Bankruptcy Specialist
Minerva Blanco
  • Strategic Consultant
Charles A. Walton
  • Paralegal

We speak Spanish. 

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